Computer History Project

  • Atanasoff tries to build first computer

    Atanasoff tries to build first computer
    AtanasoffAtanasoff tries to build the first computer. Tried to build in Iowa state. Ended up more like a electronic calculator.
  • ENIAC Invented

    ENIAC Invented
    ENIACElectronical Numerical Intergrated and Computer. Invented by the University of Pennsylvania. First computer invented.
  • UNIVAC invented

    UNIVAC invented
    UNIVACManufactured by Remington Rand. Mistakenly nicknamed IBM UNIVAC. 46 were sold, each for 1 million dollars.
  • Steve Jobs is born

    Steve Jobs is born
    Steve jobsOn this date Steve Paul Jobs is born. He will become one of the most powerful people in the world.
  • The mouse is invented

    The mouse is invented
    MouseThe mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart. Made to make computing easier. Nicknamed the mouse because of the tail on the end.
  • Arpanet was invented

    Arpanet was invented
    ARPANETARPANET was invented by Paul Baran in 1969. He was commissined by the Air Force so they could communiate between research institutions.
  • Atari is released.

    Atari is released.
    AtariIn 1972 the Atari is created by Nolan Bushell. The first Atai game was Pong.
  • Creation of the Apple Computer

    Creation of the Apple Computer
    AppleOn April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak created the first apple computer. It is called the Apple 1. Its not a huge sellout but it starts off the Apple industry.
  • Introducing Microsoft 1.0

    Introducing Microsoft 1.0
    MicrosoftOn this date Microsoft releases Microsoft 1.0. It allows you to click your way through screens. It is designed for the serious user.
  • Wifi

    WifiWIfi was invented in the Netherlands by Vic Hayes. Wifi was originally invented for cash registers
  • Google

    GoogleOn this date Google starts up. By the year 2000 it is the biggest search engine in the world.
  • Mac OS X

    Mac OS X
    Mac OS XApple releases its newest version Mac OS X. It is nicknamed Puma
  • Thefacebook

    FacebookMark Zuckerburg launches Thefacebook. It was later renamed Facebook.
  • First 3G mobile phone

    First 3G mobile phone
    Nokia comes out with the first 3G mobile phone. it is called the Nokia 6200.
  • iPad

    iPadApple releases the iPad.
  • Steve Jobs passes away

    Steve Jobs passes away
    Steve JobOn this date Steve Jobs passed away. He was one of the most influencial people to ever live.