Computer history from 2000-2010

  • Twitter became available

    I dont think anyone knew at that time how popular and widely used this application would become. to being able to keep up with friends to celebrities to news .
  • Internet explorer 5.5 was released

    Internet explorer 5.5 enhanced frames, made creating applications easier for software developers, it automated common task and introduced a vertical text layout. It also improved printing features.
  • Facebbok became available to public

    First created to share data sets between colleges, it became a billion dollar social media corporation.
  • The first Iphone came out

    It revolutionized the way we communicate and put a mobile computer in our hands. It was a combination of the Ipod and a standard phone.
  • First OLED TV went on the market in the U.S.

    The XEL-1 by Sony went on the market in the U.S.