computer history

By hg3206
  • Amdahl corporation introduces the Amdahl 470

    Amdahl corporation introduces the Amdahl 470
    Gene Amdahl father of IBM system/ 360. He started his company, Amdahl Corporation, to compete with the IMB in mainframe computer systems. The 470v/6 was the company's first product and ran the same software as the IMB system. Computers but cost less and it was smaller and faster.
  • the first spam email

    the first spam email
    the first spam email e-mail Garry Thuerk, May 1st, 1978. It was an employee at digital who was advertising the new DECSYSTEM-2020, 2020T, 2060,and 2060T
  • Apple

    Apple allows other computers to clone its computer. By announcing its licensed the Macintosh operating system rights to the radius on Jan 4, 1995.
  • Computer events in 1998

    Computer events in 1998
    on March 17, 1998, Apple called copyright against Microsoft for windows 2.03. But the legal battle would end in February 21, 1995
  • computer glitch

    computer glitch
    A glitch in a coumpeter in washington D.C. Air traffic controls shut it down
  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg launched The Facebook on February 4, 2004. Which later became Facebook.
  • Apple

    Apple released the first apple tv on Jan 9, 2007
  • silk rad

    silk rad
    the silk road came online in February 2011
  • bitcoin

    on February 7, 2014 bitcoin exchange MT. GOX filed for bankruptcy $460 million was reported stolen from bitcoin hackers.
  • Norway

    January 11, 2017, Norway became the first country to start switching off FM radio and switching to dab. A digital broadcasting technology.