Computer History Decade Timeline (2000's)

  • First Camera Phone

    First Camera Phone
    Japan was able to create a camera onto a phone. With this, photos could now be taken on your phone, and they could be shared within seconds. These photos would not be seen well until flip phones were created. This was founded by Japan's SoftBank.
  • One laptop per Child Initiative

    One laptop per Child Initiative
    The United Nations Development Program would begin to make computers into countries that were least developed. They would then place these computers into schools, one for each child. This plan was found by Nicholas Negroponte.
  • Amazon Kindle is released

    Amazon Kindle is released
    It is an electronic reading system built successfully at Amazon. Since so many of these were requested, many of these purchases were delayed deliveries.
  • Apple iPhone is released

    Apple iPhone is released
    Apple, founded by Steve Jobs, created the first iPhone, which included the first web browser, music player, and cellphone all in one device. It also had a downloadable feature in which you could download "apps" such as a GPS and weather reports.
  • MacBook Air is released

    MacBook Air is released
    A very thin laptop with a long-lasting battery. The MacBook was also included a high quality camera and as well as WiFi capabilities. Apple was also the first to replace the hard drive with a solid-state disk, allowing the MacBook become so thin.