Computer History 2000-12

By 16leea1
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    Computer History

  • The ASIMO robot

    The ASIMO robot
    This is a robot for entertainment. It is also truly one of the most revolutionary robotic wonders of earth,
  • GPS

    The GPS is a portable navigation system mostly used my tourists to find their way around.
  • YouTube

    YouTube is a website for viewing all types of videos. It is also a popular place to socialize with comments on videos.
  • Wireless mouse

    Wireless mouse
    This is an improvement of the mouse,an inhancement tool. old mouses used to have wires and were unconvenient, whereas the wireless mouse is very convenient and effective
  • iPhone

    The iPhone can do just about everything. From apps that can provide knowledge and procrastination and apps that can help you socialize, this is a revolutionary step in the development of smartphones
  • Wii

    The Nintendo Wii was created and released in 2007 only for entertainment and socializing. Today, it is console that many people use.
  • 3D TV

    3D TV
  • Xbox Kinect

    Xbox Kinect
    The KINECT is another revolutionary product in the gaming world, becuase it is the first time a company has developed a console which only reads the motion of the player. It doesn't need any buttons or joysticks.
  • Bluetooth

    The bluetooth is a device used for linking people from different parts of the world up.
  • Mobile Tablets

    Mobile Tablets
    Tablets are just like iPhones, except their screens are bigger and the quality of the graphics are higher and they are able to do more things than smartphones.