Computer History

By 15chant
  • Panasonic SL-600 record player/turntable

    Panasonic SL-600 record player/turntable
    A series of turntables or DJ systems manufactured by Panasonic.
  • HP Laptop

    HP Laptop
    Laptops are computers that are portable and easy to carry around. They can be unplugged from power source for more than 6-8 hours.
  • Sony Ericsson Mobile

    Sony Ericsson Mobile
    T610 model.
    Mobile phones are portable telephones and they use satellite instead of wires to communicate with other people around the world.
  • PSP

    The PSP is a handheld game console that can be out of the power source for a long period of time.
    December 12, 2004
    In Japan.
    March 25, 2005 in USA. September 1, 2005, PAL region.
  • iHome

    A iPod dock, alarm and radio. You can plug in your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod to play music, charge iPod and listen to the radio
  • iPad (Original)

    iPad (Original)
    The iPad is a tablet computer primarily as a platform for audio-visuial media such as, books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content.
  • iPod Nano (6th Generation)

    iPod Nano (6th Generation)
    The 6th Generation iPod nano radically redesigns the nano. It's shrunk compared to its predecessor and adds a multi-touch screen covering the face of the device.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    The iPod touch is a handheld game console, portable media player and a personal digital assistant.
  • Xperia PLAY

    Xperia PLAY
    A handheld playing mobile device manufactured by the phone company Sony Ericsson. PSP approved.
  • Macbook Air 3,1

    Macbook Air 3,1
    The Macbook Air was introduced to the world as the World’s Thinnest Notebook and was manufactured by Apple.