1960's computer game

Computer developments in the 1970's

  • First ATM put into bank

    First ATM put into bank
    In the US, the first ATM was installed in the Chemical Bank located in Rockville, NY. It was placed there in 1969 and it was developed by Donald Wetzel. Bank wiring and the automatic transfer would become far more popular in the 1970's, as money became digitized.
  • First Xerox printer invented

    First Xerox printer invented
    Laser printer, developed by Gary Starkweather in 1971. Created a printing revolution. Allowed "lasers" in the computer to transfer the image to paper.
  • The game pong is invented

    The game pong is invented
    Pong, was created in 1972 by Al Alcorn. Introduced the modern video game era and launched a slew of arcade games that game both popular and accessible.
  • Apple-1

    First apple computer made for consumers. Created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. Only created 200 and they sold out within the year. Apple is the biggest consumer tech giant. This was only the first of many inventions and the precursor to the Macintosh.
  • LaserDisc

    Originally introduced as Discovision, it was developed by the Phillips brand and MCA in 1978. It was really expensive, but couldn't be afforded by most consumers. However, this tech was the mother of both CDs and DVDs