compromise of 1850

  • compromise of 1850

    The compromise of 1850 was to say if california was becoming a state or not. Henry Clay proposed this law that california would be admitted as a state. There would be no new laws or chnages except for strickter ones on slavery. Some people believed that once california becomes a state it would save the union but didnt bring peace.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Stephen A. Douglas was writting a bill for the Nebraska territories into becoming two territores: Nebraska and Kansas. The people wanted to know if these territores would be a free state or a slave state. They decided to let the people vote in popular sovereignty. Slaves can vote but only the parts of the area where Missouri is. Then the bill becomes a law.
  • "Bleeding Kansas:

    Proslavery and anitslavery people rushed into Kansas. MIssourians who were for slavery voted in Kansas territory illegaly. Anitslavery people boycotted the official government and they become attacked. John Brown which was a abolitionist got around by murdering people who were for slavery. The Civil War breaks out into that Kansas territoy, which has been called "bleeding kansas."
  • Canning of Sumner

    Senator Charles Sumners, worte down a speech which attacked proslavery people in Kansas. In Sumners speech he makes fun of this one person named A.P. Butler. A relitve of Butler, Preston Brooks attackes Sumner in the Senate. In the south they were cheering Brooks on.
  • Dred Scott V. Standford

    Dred Scott was a slave in missouri taken by a owner to a territory where slavery was illegal. But he soon returns back to Missouri. Scott sues for his freedom and his case is taken to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney did not approve of his sueing. He is bound by the Missouri code. Since he lived in Missouri, Taney says that congress cannot ban slavery in territoures,which equals that the Missouri compromise was unconstitutional.
  • Attacks on Harpers Ferry

    John Browns followers, capture the u.s Arselnal at Harpers Ferry in Virginia. Brown calls out word to get local armend slaves. No slaves come into the fight. The u.s Marines capture Brown. He is tried for murder and treason and is hung.
  • Election of 1860

    Licoln and Douglas were the only candidates for the north. For the south candidates it were, Breckinridge and Bell. It was considered that Licoln and Breckinridge were the ones to have extreme views of slavery. Douglas and Bell were considered moderates beacuse neither of them wanted new laws to pass on slavery. At the end of the election Licoln won.