• Handel is born

    George Frederic Handel is born
  • Period: to

    Handel to Tchaikovsky

  • Bach is born

    Johann Sebastian Bach is born
  • King George II is sworn in

  • Peace is proclaimed in Great Britain

  • Bach dies

    Johann Sebastian Bach dies.
  • Mozart is born

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born
  • Handel dies

    George Frederic Handel dies
  • A sailor is killed by a bull

  • Mozart dies

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passes away
  • Liszt is born

    Franz Liszt is born
  • The war of 1812 begins

  • Tchaikovsky is born

    Peter Tchaikovsky is born
  • Abraham Lincoln is assassinated

  • Liszt dies

    Franz Liszt passes away
  • Tchaikovsky dies

    Peter Tchaikovsky dies