Communicative competence

Timeline created by botttero
  • Chomsky

    All started when Chomsky dedistincted between competence and performance. Defining competence as: The shared knowledge of the ideal speaker-listener set in a completely homogeneous speech community.
  • Hymes and Halliday

    La competencia comunicativa deviene en el uso del lenguaje en una situación y contexto determinado (Hymes) con intenciones específicas (Halliday).
  • Widowson

    He stated the two aspects of performance:
    1. Usage (knowledge of linguistic rules).
    2. Use (The ability to use that knowledge)
    As well as the two aspects of meaning:
    1. Significance (meaning of the sentences isolated from a particular situation).
    2. Value (meaning of the sentences when they are used to communicate).
  • Canale & Swain

    They argue that communicative competence minimaly includes three main competencies: grammatical, sociolinguistic and strategic competence.
    Grammatical: sintax, semantics, morphology, phonology...
    Sociolinguistic: use of language / discourse / contect/ interaction
    Strategic Competence: "To know how" deal with communocation problems
  • Bachman & Palmer

    Communicative competence is based on:
    Organizational Knowledge: The way in which the discourse is organized from its minimum.

    Pragmatical Knowledge: Capacity to interpret and use the social meaning os linguistic variables.
  • Maturana

    La competencia comunicativa se puede definir como “un constructo globalizante que abarca las habilidades, destrezas y conocimientos de los que ha de servirse el usuario de la lengua para interactuar efectivamente en diversos contextos sociales”