Columine (chapter 32-36)

  • Dylan writes in journal

    First mentions killing- possibly figuratively
  • Eric's post on website

    his site is reported to the police
    his "I Hate" rants are on the site
  • "concerned citizen"

    Randy Brown reported Eric's Web site to sheriffs department
  • Bombing

    Eric set off a few test bombs (pipe-bombs) and gloated on his web site
  • Caught

    Dylan and Eric are caught hacking into computers and breaking into lockers.
  • Dylan is Caught

    he scratched "fag" into a locker
  • Arrested

    Dylan and Eric are arrested for breaking into a van and stealing expensive equipment.
  • Eric begins his diary

    He begins writing soon after he and Dylan get arrested,
  • Patrick Ireland goes to hospital

  • Columbine Massacre

    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill thirteen people and themselves.
  • Period: to

    The crosses

    Crosses are put up on Rebel hill. Many write hateful words: “how can I forgive you”
    Many others forgive: “no one is to blame”
  • "She Said Yes"

    The story of Cassie hits the news
  • Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

    The first Sunday after the shooting, churches were packed.
  • "Portrait of an Angle"

    story of Cassie on 20/20
  • Patrick Ireland transfered to Craig Hospital

  • Patrick Ireland

    learns of the death of his friends and cries for the first time
  • The Marines

    The "New York Times" and "The Washington Post" wrote that the Marines could have been another possible motive due the Eric's interest.