College History II

  • Congress and the Transcontinental

    Congress and the Transcontinental
    Congress finally authorized a transcontinental railway to be made.
  • Railways unite

    Railways unite
    The Union and Central Pacific railways finally came together conncecting the country.
  • Credit Mobilier

    Credit Mobilier
    Train companies hired their own constructuion company and then paid them at an inflated price getting away with tons a of money until they were caught.
  • Panic

    people were taking out loans but were unable to make a profit and tus could not pay back their loan ruining the governments credit.
  • Silver dollars

    Silver dollars
    the government offically stopped coinage the the silver dollar
  • Resumption act of 1875

    Resumption act of 1875
    said the government would tar to withdraw the paper money so all paper money would have it's face value in gold.
  • Whiskey Ring Scandal

    Whiskey Ring Scandal
    Boss Tweed ran the biggest Polotical machine and had bought himself into power. they stole revenue from income taxes.
  • The telephone

    The telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone allowing information to be spread faster than before.
  • Compromise of 1877

    Compromise of 1877
    Made Hays the president in return for withdrawing federal troops from the south.
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    Interstate Commerce Act
    First Lagre-scale attempt by washin gton to control business in the intrest of society.
  • Chimese Exclusion act

    Chimese Exclusion act
    Closed American doors to anyone innigrating from China.
  • Pedleton Act

    Pedleton Act
    Civil service reform, you havve to take a test to get any federal job.
  • Civil rights cases

    Civil rights cases
    Allowed peopl to enforce rules against the blacks.
  • Time zones

    Time zones
    Local thimes were different from town to town so they made time in relation to the railways to avoid crashes and such.
  • *First Democrat

    *First Democrat
    Grover Cleveland was the first democrat since Buchanan to become the president ending a long republican office claim.
  • Haymarket

    There was a fight that broke out at Haymarket when some one threw a stick of dynamite it killed sevel dozen people including the police.
  • Sherman Anit-Trust Act

    Sherman Anit-Trust Act
    The governments first real act of trying to control business excesses.
  • McKinley Tariff Acy of 1890

    McKinley Tariff Acy of 1890
    Raised tariff to the highest price they had seen. 48.4% farmers were unhappy and left even further in debt.
  • The last spike

    The last spike
    The very last spike of the five transcontinental railroads of the 19th century was hammered in.
  • Depression of 1893

    Depression of 1893
    Lasting for about four or so years, thousands of business closed and the entire country was in a pinch
  • The Cubans revolt

    The Cubans revolt
    The Cubans were tired of the Spanish "oppressor" and revloted partly because of the economy and the US tariff.
  • The Butcher

    The Butcher
    Spain sent General Weyler and he crushed their rebelions by putting them into concentration capms, thus they could not help the other fighters.
  • The Butcher leaves

    The Butcher leaves
    Even though this man was removed from Cuba, their conditons continued to get worse and worse.
  • The Maine set out

    The Maine set out
    Early that year, the Maine was sent out for a so called friendly visit but it was really sent out to protect and evacuate Americans if anything bad went down.
  • Dupuy de Lome

    Dupuy de Lome
    Herst put out an article sayinf that a letter written by D.Lome the spanish minister in the US, that said he felt that McKinley "was an ear-to-the-ground politician who lacked good faith" he had to resigh afterwards
  • The Maine Blows up

    The Maine Blows up
    an already stressed situation turns into a motivation to go to war with Spain.
  • without permission

    without permission
    Teddy Roosevelt told George Dewey to attack the Philippines even though it was now Teddy's place to do so
  • War message

    War message
    McKinley sent his request to congress to go into war to free Cuba
  • Dewey

    Dewey caries out Teddy Roosevelt's order and claims a huge victory.
  • Spanish deduction of the Maine

    Spanish deduction of the Maine
    Even though hearst made it sound as if the spanish blew up the Maine, the spanish went in and came up with the conclusion that something went wrong in the boiler room which blew up the ship...but of course no one listned..
  • Armistice

    Spain had " satisfied its honor" so they sighned an armistice
  • Manila

    The American troops captured Manila
  • Hawii

    Hawii is annexed
  • Teller

    The Teller Amendment said that the US would leave Cuba after they had freed them from Spain
  • Treaty

    Bryan convinced them to set a treaty and give the Filipinos their independece
  • Hawaii

    The people of Hawii were given a US citizenship following their annexation
  • Insular Cases

    Insular Cases
    The supreme Court decided that even though the filipinos were under US rule they did not get full citizenship.
  • Platt

    the Cuban's were forced to wirte the Platt amendment into thier constitution and it kept them bonded to the US while still following the Teller amendment.
  • US leaves

    US leaves
    Keeping to the Teller amendment, the US leaves the Cuban's to themselves
  • Cleveland Died

    Cleveland Died
    When he died, everyone paid thier respects including the Latin American republics who were glad for the help from the US.
  • Payne-Aldrich Tariff

    Payne-Aldrich Tariff
    Bill that Taft signed eventhough his capmaign promises said he would not.
  • Roosevelt

    Roosevelt went to Kansas and did his speech about the New Nationalism
  • Ballinger-Pinchot affair

    Ballinger-Pinchot affair
    Secretary Ballinger opened land in Alaska,Wyoming, and Montana. the peole and conservationists were not very happy about it.
  • Anti trust suit against U.S Steel

    Anti trust suit against U.S Steel
    Taft pressed an Anti trust suit against U.S Steel making roosevelt extremely angry
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire
    many girls died in this fire that they could have survived if the exits had not been locked. this fire led to rules and regulations to keep it from happening again
  • Standard Oil

    Standard Oil
    the standard oil company was judged to be in violation of the Sherman Anti- Tryst Act
  • Taft

    Taft wins the republican nomination over T.Roosevelt.
  • roosevelt in back in the ring

    roosevelt in back in the ring
    Roosevelt wrote to seven state governers that he would accept the Republican nomination
  • 17th amendment

    17th amendment
    this amendment allowed the people direct election of U.S senators.
  • Austria declared war

    Austria  declared war
    July, Austria presented Serbia with an "ultimatum". An they wanted to end all anti-Austrian activity . The Serbian leaders agreed to most of Austria’s demands, but Austria still declared war
  • Lusitania

    Germany sunk this ship with their U-boats
  • Sussex Pledge

    Sussex Pledge
    Germany was to stop sinking ships
  • Wilson's Peace

    Wilson's Peace
    Wilson declares American's dedication to neutral right "peace without victory"
  • Unrestricted submarine warfare

    Unrestricted submarine warfare
    Germany declared they wouls sink all ships in the war zone
  • Espionage Act 1917

    Espionage Act 1917
    This avt made Spying illegal
  • Zimmerman note

    Zimmerman note
    Note from Germany to Mexico stating that Germany would aid in a fight to gain back their land.
  • WWI

    United States eneter wwi
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    Revolution when communists took over germany
  • Sedition Act of 1918

    Sedition Act of 1918
    Made it illegal for people to say things that couls hinder the war efforts.
  • Meuse-Argonne Offensive

    Meuse-Argonne Offensive
    Pershing was in charge of the huge 1million man force.
  • Armistice

    Ended WWI
  • 18th Amendment

    18th Amendment
    Prohibited alcohol
  • 19th amendment

    19th amendment
    Gave women the right to vote
  • Emergency Quota Act of 1921

    Emergency Quota Act of 1921
    Reduced Immigration into the US to 3%
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    Immigration Act of 1924
    Reduced the 3% immigration to 2%
  • Scopes

    Trial where C.Darwin's theory lost and was thrown out of schools.
  • Sacco & Vanzetti

    Sacco & Vanzetti
    Case where the ruling showed the tension during the red scare.
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    Kellogg-Briand Pact
    the "outlawry of war" the pact was weak and offered no protection
  • Agricultural Marketing Act

    Agricultural  Marketing Act
    Was made to help farmers, it then created the Federal Farm Board
  • Stock market crash

    Stock market crash
    "Black Tuesday" the day the stock market crashed and started the great depression.
  • Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act

    Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act
    Provided for the FDIC wich insured people money and trust in the banks
  • 21st amendment

    21st amendment
    Removed Prohibition
  • 20th amendment

    20th amendment
    Got rid of the lame duck period for the president
  • Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act

    Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
    Countries sigh off to agree to lower tarrif and help trades
  • Tydings-McDuffie Act

    Tydings-McDuffie Act
    Grants the Philippine independence on July 4th 1946
  • Wagner Act

    Wagner Act
    Gave workers the right to unionize and strike
  • Panay

    Japan attacked a clearly marked american ship raising red flags for the americans
  • WWII

    Hitler and stalin invade poland and begin the war in europe
  • Peace time draft

    Peace time draft
    Hitler invaded Belgium and others causing the us to begin preparing to get invloved.
  • Pearl harbor

    Pearl harbor
    Japan made an attack on American soil rousing the country into a soild and dangerous force