Cold War Timeline

By Azzia
  • Yaltea Conference

    Stalin met Yalta on the blacksea to discuss final stragegy and crual questions.
  • Creation of the un

    Delegates from nations met in San Franciso to write the charter for the UN. The UN later set up it's permanent home in New York City.
  • Postdam Conference

    The big three met in berlin suburb in postdam. At the meeting the Big Three decided to divide Germany into four zones. They agreed to free elections for poland.
  • End of world war 2

    Japan and germany kept fighting long after defeat was certain. world war 2 changed the nation in profound ways.
  • HUAC

    the investigators probed the government, armed forces, unions, Education, and other aspects of American life. The best-known HUAC hearings targeted the movie industry.
  • Hollywood Ten

    hollywood ten refused to answer questions about their fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination.
  • Truman Doctrine

    he promises to aid nations struggle against communist movement. congress responded by voting to give millionss in aid fgor greece and turkey.
  • The Marshall plan

    The marshall plan provided vivial examples of how the U>S aid could serve the ends of both economic and foreign policy.
  • Formation of NATO

    West germany became a member of NATO. Nations of the warsaw pact pledged to defend on another if attacked.
  • The Korean War

    North Korea forces attack across the 38th parallel. By the spring of 1951, allied forces had regrouped the state mate.
  • McCarthyism

    It was the most powerful political in the united staes. He became chairman of an investigation.
  • Red Scare

    The red scare had followed world war 2. Went deeper and wider And lated than the earlier red scare. In 1919-1920 the red scare was similar to the Russian revolution.
  • Rosenbergs

    they were from the poor, lower east manhattan. the claimed they were being persecuted for being communist. they denied they were communist.
  • Formation of the warsaw

    The soviet union and its satellite states formed a rival military allience the soviet union continued to exert firm control over its warsaw pact allies.
  • Begginning of baby boom

    The baby boom is alot of babies. It helps the people who needs jobs. But at the same time the parents did not have enough money to take care of their needs.