Cognitive project log

  • Analysis of driving question

    Analysis of driving question
    Meeting 1-Introduction to project and driving question
    Meeting 2-Inference of driving question and analysis
    Meeting 3-Create popplet and presentation of popplet
  • Period: to

    project log

  • Start outline of google sites

    Create template and editing of site
  • Creating of google form

    Finish creating the template of site and created google form for people to do.
  • Research on chemical and mechanical engineering.

    Done by Mervyn
  • research on biomedical engineering

    Done by jodie
  • Period: to

    research on civil and aerospace engineering

  • Period: to

    work breakdown structure table

  • Period: to

    research on petroleum and agriculture engineering

    done by Fa'izzin
  • Period: to

    Cognitive project log

  • Period: to

    Individual reflection

  • research on nuclear and environmental engineering

    done by mervyn
  • compile the result for the survey

    Done by jodie and Kelvin
  • FInal editing of site

    Done by Mervyn and Kelvin.Just touching up on the sites and rephrasing