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    Roman Clothing

    Roman Clothing
    Roman men wear tunics. Roman citizens wear togas. Women wear long dresses. Roman men and women wear shorts called subligaculum. Women wear a band around their chest called a strophium or a mamilare.
  • May 16, 1000

    Suxons & Tunics

    Suxons & Tunics
    Saxon men wear shirts and tunics. They also wear breeches. Women wear a long linen garment with a long tunic over it. This is how more of the fashion for women was started.
  • Breeches and Linen Garments

    Breeches and Linen Garments
    Guys wear breeches and a jacket called doublet. Girls wear a linen garment called a shift under a long dress. Girls wear a frame called a farthingale under their dress. Both guys and girls wear hats. More details were beginning to work on clothing people would wear.
  • Wig Fads for Men

    Wig Fads for Men
    French King Louis XIII wore a wig to cover his baldness, and when French King Louis XIV’s hair started to fall out when he was 35, he shaved his head and wore a large wig. After that people started to copy what he did and it became a trend. Different fashion ideas for your hair was becoming more moderate.
  • Department Stores Selling Cothes

    Department Stores Selling Cothes
    This time period started with department stores in Le Bon Marché in Paris. American versions started soon following in the 1860s, alot of sales were being made, dry goods stores that sold fabric throughout the antebellum era. A. T. Stewart in New York and Jordan Marsh and Company in Boston are the first department stores to open in the United States. The birth of malls that we shop at now!!
  • "One Hour" Dresses

    "One Hour" Dresses
    The "One Hour" dress was popular. It was easier to put on and was made in a hour. Short skirts and drop waist skirts were also made. Bras were also made. The sophisticated look without having 100 pounds of fabric on you, began in this time period.
  • Modern Vintage Clothing

    Modern Vintage Clothing
    The poodle skirt was popular,highheels(stilettos), wrist-length gloves, and purses completed "The Look". The window corset was introduced to women.Tights were worn with these types of clothing.
  • Colorful Clothes

    Colorful Clothes
    During this time period people wanted to wear comfortable clothes,which includes lots of black. The leather pants came back and were tight. The designer jeans were popular. Workout clothes was popular to wear anywhere. Mini-skirts were also popular during this time period. Leather, cotton, cashmere, and wool were the types of fabric that was used for this type of clothing. This was the start of modern fashion.