Classical music and American history timeline

  • Johann Sebastian Bach died

    Johann Sebastian Bach was born 1685 and died in 1750 at 65. He was born into a musical family and was from Weimar, Germany. He wrote secular music during the baroque music time period. He had a very stubborn personality and had went to jail for a month for it.
  • French and Indian war

    A conflict between British and French for control of eastern North America. The conflict turned into the French and Indian war which lasted from 1754 - 1763. The British won a victory over the French on the plains of Abraham.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart birth

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756 from Australia. He played the violin and started playing the piano at a early age. He could listen to a Misere 2 times and then write it all down by memory. He was described to have a jolly and rowdy personality. Mozart was a classical music composer who died in 1791 at 35.
  • Boston Massacre

    Conflict between British troops and a crowd in Boston. The troops shot into the crowd of people after being provoked. When the troops shot into the the crowd they killed 5 men, including Crispus Attucks.
  • Beethoven was born

    A German composer that goes by the name Ludwig van Beethoven was born. He is one of the most admired composers in history. His works are ranked among the most performed of classical music.
  • Boston Tea Party

    342 chests of tea that belonged to the British East Indian company got thrown into the water. The chests were thrown over by the American patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians. The Americans were protesting the tax that had been put on the tea.
  • Mozart moved

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a well known classical musician moved. He moved to Vienna where he created some of his popular works. The works he created in Vienna were The Marriage of Figaro, Così Fan Tuttle and Don Giovanni.
  • President of the United States

    George Washington is elected president of the United States in a vote by state electors. He was called the “Father of his Country” for his leadership of the country. He is widely know for being the first president of the untied states.
  • Passing away

    The greatly know classical compose Mozart passed away. He passed away because of a disease that made him sick. In Vienna Mozarts “magic flute” was preformed for the first time.
  • Elected president

    Thomas Jefferson was elected president of the untied states. He was voted to be president in Washington, DC as the third president.
  • Symphony preformed

    Beethoven”s “symphony #1 in C major” was preformed. It was first preformed in Vienna during the time 1801.
  • Set out on a expedition

    Lewis and Clark set out for a expedition to go and explore the west. They set out from St. Louis Mo on a mission to explore out west and find a route to the Pacific Ocean.