Civil War Timeline by Zach Eidex (Bibliography in comments)

  • Nullification Concept begins

    Nullification Concept begins
    Nullification began in the late 1700's in the U.S. and basically is a theory that the fereral government can overturn any unconstitutional laws.
  • Henry Clay Born

    Henry Clay Born
    an influiental figure in the Missouri Compromise, the nullification crisis , and the Compromise of 1850 is born
  • Period: to

    Antebellum Period

    the time period before the civil war
  • Dred Scott Born

    Dred Scott Born
    the slave who protested him rights as a freed man after living with him master in a free state for a few years and caused an uproar in the north is born
  • Slave Codes Begin

    Slave Codes Begin
    Slave codes where common place in the South from the early 1800's until 1865. Basically, slave codes established slaves rights or lack there of.
  • John Brown Born

    John Brown Born
    Jonh Brown was a abolitionist who led a bloody unsucessful attempt to give weapons to slaves so they could fight for their freedom called Harper's Ferry Raid. He died due to this and further increased tension between the North and South.
  • Robert E. Lee is Born

    Robert E. Lee is Born
    the future leading Confederate general is born
  • Jefferson Davis Born

    Jefferson Davis Born
    the future president of the Confederate States of America is born
  • Abraham Lincoln Born

    Abraham Lincoln Born
    a future war time, Northern president is born and earns the nick name ''honest abe''
  • Harriet Beech Stowe is Born

    Harriet Beech Stowe is Born
    the author of the controversial abolitionist book UNCLE TOM'S CABIN that further divided the north and the south is born
  • Alexander Stephans is Born

    Alexander Stephans is Born
    The future Georgia born vice president of the confederation is born.
  • William T. Sherman Born

    William T. Sherman Born
    The future Union general who destroyed and devistated the south through the Atlanta and Savannah Campaigns is born.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    The Missouri Compromise kept egual representation in the Senate for slave and free states by allowing Maine to enter as a free state. Missouri to enter as a slave state, and stated that no slavery was allowed above Missouri's southern border. (excluding Missouri)
  • Jefferson C. Davis Born

    Jefferson C. Davis Born
    this future Northern general who served in Fort Sumter became a highly ranked general but could only reach brigadier general due to him murdering another general in an argument
  • Tarriff of 1828

    Tarriff of 1828
    The Tarriff of 1828 was a tarriff imposed on all states and was largely approved in the north but largly disapproved of in the south
  • Abolitionist Movement Begins

    Abolitionist Movement Begins
    a primarly Northern struggle to end slavery in the south begins
  • Henry McNeal Turner is Born

    Henry McNeal Turner is Born
    a black bishop who had a primary role in the Freeman's Bureau during reconstruction is born
  • Sectionalism

    Sectionalism began in the North and South at around 1837, but the concept has been around for 1000's of years. Basically, sectionalism is the favoring of one's area of the country as to the favoring of the country's well being as a whole.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    The Compromise of 1850 allowed California to become a free state, the New Mexico and Utah Territories to become vote on wheather or not they wanted slavery, and the Fugitive Slave Law was passed.
  • Georgia Platform

    Georgia Platform
    Georgia's responce to the Compromise of 1850.
  • Henry Clay Dies

    Henry Clay Dies
  • Kansas Nebraska Act is Ratified

    Kansas Nebraska Act is Ratified
    The Kansas Nebraska act kept equal representation in the Senate by allowing the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to vote.
  • Popular Sovernty Concept Acccepted

    Popular Sovernty Concept Acccepted
    Popular sovernty first occured in the Kansas Nebraska Act where the Kansas and Nebraska terratories could vote on slavery.
  • Republican Party Formed

    Republican Party Formed
    This Northern, anti-slavery, anti-imagration political party formed in 1854 and got a president into office in 1860.
  • Dred Scott Decision is Reached

    Dred Scott Decision is Reached
    Dred Scott is concidered to be property and a slave. This disicion primarly favored the south but was largly ingnored by President Andrew Jonhson.
  • Dred Scott Dies

    Dred Scott Dies
    Dred Scott tragically dies a slave
  • John Brown Dies

    John Brown Dies
    John Brown dies by hanging.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    the contriversial election in which Lincoln beat his political opponents can be attributed as a major cause of the war
  • Confererate States of America Form

    Confererate States of America Form
    The Confererate States (the south) formed in 1860 and 1861. The ''country'' claimed their independence, but was eventually retakenover by the union at the end of the war in 1865
  • Sucession Begins

    Sucession Begins
    Sucession begins when South Carolina leaves the Union and ends with the border states suceeding after Fort Sumter in 1861.
  • Union Blockade Begins

    Union Blockade Begins
    The Union Blockade attempted to cut off tade between the C.S.A. and other countries by stationing ships out side of harbors. These lasted until the war ended
  • Period: to

    Civil War Period

    the time period of fighting and conflicts
  • Emancipation Proclamation is Ratified

    Emancipation Proclamation is Ratified
    the important document shifhted the focus of the war from a war to preserve the union to a war on slavery insured that no European country would interveen and help the south due to the Europeans morals against slavery
  • Battle of Gettysburg Begins

    Battle of Gettysburg Begins
    The Battle of Gettysburg lasted 2 days and resulted in a union victory which led to the issuing of the Gettysburg address which is said to be one of the most influiental speaches in American history.
  • Battle of Chickamauga Begins

    Battle of Chickamauga Begins
    This 2 day battle resulted in a Confederate victory after Union miscommunication which allowed them to be flanked was n't followed up upon which resulted in a Norther regroup and the evertual loss of Tennesee.
  • Andersonville Prison Opens

    Andersonville Prison Opens
    This infamous Georgia prision directed by Wirz (later hung) was the site of death for thousands of Northenrers in its short reign of terror.
  • Atlanta Campaign Begins

    Atlanta Campaign Begins
    Sherman destroys Atlanta and surrounding areas after being met with minumal resistance from children and elderly people.
  • Atlanta Campaign Ends

    Atlanta Campaign Ends
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    The bloddiest day in the civil war comes to a close with the Emancipation Proclamation, over 30,000 dead, and a union victory
  • Savannah Campaign (March to Sea) Begins

    Savannah Campaign (March to Sea) Begins
    The Savannah Campaign began after Altanta was burnt to the ground. Sherman led the Savannah Cammpaign.
  • Savannah Campaign (March to Sea) Ends

    Savannah Campaign (March to Sea)  Ends
    After destroying Marthasville, Atlanta, Sherman destoys Savannah thus crippling the south and ending the war more quickly.
  • Share Cropping Begins

    Share Cropping Begins
    Share croppers who own no land or supplies rent farming tools from wealthy land owners for no to very very minimal profit.
  • Tenent Farming Begins

    Tenent Farming Begins
    Poor whites and some ex-slaves work other peoples land with their own tools and equipment for minimul profits.
  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
    This admentment to the constitution freed all slaves.
  • Freedman's Bureau Formed

    Freedman's Bureau Formed
    The Freedman's Bureau was created in order to help the south transition from being slave owning states to free states and to keep newly freed slaves' rights in check.
  • Andersonville Prison Closes

    Andersonville Prison Closes
  • Period: to

    Reconstruction Era

    The time after the civil war when the south needed to be rebuild
  • Abraham Lincoln is Assasinated

    Abraham Lincoln is Assasinated
    Lincoln was assasinated at Ford's Theater from a single shot from Jonh Wilkes Booth's gun during a play.
  • Presidential Reconstruction Movement Begins

    Presidential Reconstruction Movement Begins
    This method of reconstruction focused on helping freed slaves and rebuilding the south as quickly as possible. Lincoln favored this method of reconstruction
  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    These codes restricted former slaves rights in southern states and lasted for a year.
  • Ku Klux Clan is Formed

    Ku Klux Clan is Formed
    A racist, anti-semestic, white suprimesist group takes hold and grows.
  • Presidential Reconstruction Movement Ends

    Presidential Reconstruction Movement Ends
  • Radical Republican Movement Begins

    Radical Republican Movement Begins
  • Radical (Congressional) Reconsruction Begins and Ends

    Radical (Congressional) Reconsruction Begins and Ends
    This method of reconstructiong the south was primarly made to hurt the south as this picture dipicts. It started and ended in the same year.
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    The 14th Amendment gave all former slaves full citizenship.
  • 15th Amentment

    15th Amentment
    The 15th Amentment game all male citizens the right to vote, including blacks
  • Abolitionist Movement Ends

    Abolitionist Movement Ends
  • 1st Black Legislatures

    1st Black Legislatures
    Hiram Rhodes Revels was elected the 1st ever black senator
  • Robert E Lee Dies

    Robert E Lee Dies
  • Radical Republican Movement Ends

    Radical Republican Movement Ends
  • Freedman's Bureau Ends

    Freedman's Bureau Ends
  • Jefferson C. Davis Dies

    Jefferson C. Davis Dies
  • Alexander Stephans Dies

    Alexander Stephans  Dies
  • Jefferson Davis Dies

    Jefferson Davis Dies
  • William T. Sherman Dies

    William T. Sherman Dies
  • Harriet Beech Stowe Dies

    Harriet Beech Stowe Dies
  • Henry McNeal Turner Dies

    Henry McNeal Turner Dies
  • Share Cropping Ends

    Share Cropping Ends
  • Tenent Farming Ends

    Tenent Farming Ends