Civil war

Civil War 2 S.A & K.E

  • Presidential Election of 1856

    Presidential Election of 1856
    In 1856 the Republicans nominated John C. Fremont to be president. The other candidate was Fillmore. Later the presidential election was dividing into the North it was Buchanan vs. Fremont and the South was Buchanan vs. Fillmore. He had won on the South. Buchanan had won several Northern states and carried many states except Maryland. Later on he lost the election.
  • The case of Dred Scott

    The case of Dred Scott
    He was a slave who had been taken by his master into free states. He said he was a free man. He sued for his freedom. The supreme court rejected the decision of Dred Scott because ,he was not a U.S citizen.
  • Lincoln and Douglas Debate

    Lincoln and Douglas Debate
    Douglas and Lincoln had a debate for president in 1850 in Illinois. Douglas was a democrat and Lincoln was barely getting known until he got on the debate. Lincoln lost the debate and Douglas had won the debate.
  • John Brown

    John Brown
    Wanted to inspire slaves to fight for their freedom. He wanted to capture weapons in the U.S. arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Brown and his followers capture the arsenal. He and 18 followers (13 whites and 8 blacks) and captured Harpers Ferry.They were captured by the U.S. Marines and they were tried, convicted, and executed.
  • Southern States Secede

    Southern States Secede
    When Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. Southerners thought the government was becoming too strong. They did not think the government had the right to tell them how they should live. Southerners felt if they stayed in the United States, the North would control them. They decided to secede, or leave, the United States. South Carolina was the first state to secede then 6 others states secede too.
  • Presidential Election of 1860

    Presidential Election of 1860
    Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President elected in 1860. He was and Illinois Republican candidate for the U.S Senate in 1858. Lincoln wanted to end slavery.
  • December 20,1860

    December 20,1860
    Southerners said that is Lincoln was elected, that the southern states would secede, or leave the union. They thought that states had the right to leave the union.
  • Confederate States in America

    Confederate States in America
    In 1861 six states secede, and formed the Confederate States of America. The made Jefferson Davis the president of Confederacy.
  • Crittenden Plan

    Crittenden Plan
    The Crittenden Plan was a compromise that did not pass, because the neither the south nor the north wanted to compromise in new ways. It might have prevented secessions.
  • Jefferson Davis president of the Confederacy

    Jefferson Davis president  of the Confederacy
    Jefferson Davis failed on raising money for the American Civil War. He also didn’t get recognition from the and the help from the government. He had many issues with the states’ rights. On May 10, 1865, he was arrested for treason. He was release a year later with a bond of $100,000