civil rights

  • Brown v. board of education

    Brown v. board of education
    man sues the state of kansas for not allowing his daughter to go to a white school, this made the supreme court outlaw the seperation of schools
  • montgomery bus boycott

    montgomery bus boycott
    many people decided not to go on the buses until they treated blacks equally
  • crisis in little rock

    crisis in little rock
    blsck students are harrassed and attacked when on their way to a white school
  • sit ins

    sit ins
    four black students sat in a "whites only" diner until they were served.
  • the king is released

    martin luther king junior is released from jail
  • children's marches

    when martin luther king junior was released from jail, kids were the only ones willing to march
  • the march on washington

    many people march to get congress to pass civil rights laws
  • i have a dream

    martin luther king makes a huge speech during the march on washington
  • sixteenth street baptist church bombing

    four girls died, and 22 injured in a bombing
  • civil rights laws

    new laws are passed,which outlawed segregation, and gave the federal government the power to desegregate states.