CIS 105 "1990 Timeline"

  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    In October of 1990, A British computer scientist named Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the three fundamental technologies HTML, URI, and HTTP, that form the foundation of today’s web. Then nearing the end of 1990, Tim and Cern launched the first open internet web page. Shortly after Cern invited the community to join the new web.
  • Photoshop

    Two brothers, John and Thomas Knoll were the inventors of Photoshop. The Knoll brothers originally named it “Image Pro” in the beginning of its creation in 1988. The brothers wanted to create an easy solution for image editing. The brothers joined Adobe, and in 1990, Adobe Released Photoshop 1.0 under their brand name. Photoshop was a great tool to design, brochures, greeting cards, flyers, and much more. Photoshop 1.0 was only available for the Macintosh platform.
  • First SMS (Text) Message

    First SMS (Text) Message
    The creators of the first text message, or SMS (Short Message Service) are Hillebrand and Ghillebaert. In 1992, the first text message sent was “Merry Christmas” to the recipient Richarad Jarvis. By 1993, the first commercial message was sent by Aldiscon, an Irish wireless company. Then in 1993, Nokia released the first cell phone that could text.
  • Photoshop 1998

    Photoshop 1998
    The Knoll brother’s creation of Photoshop continued evolving and in 1998 it brought Photoshop 5.0. This new version was launched for both Windows and Macintosh simultaneously. This version was a more advanced design and friendlier to use. It also had new features such as the magnetic lasso and freeform pen.
  • HD-ROM

    The HD-ROM first came out on February 2, 1998. HD-ROM stands for high-density read-only memory and it was developed by IBM and Norsam Technologies. Also known as NORSAM HD-ROM high density data storage system. The HD-Rom held 165 gigabytes of data compared to only 4.7 gigabytes on the DVD ROM master discs.