Church History

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  • 580 BCE

    Daniel's Prophecy about the Rock that would fill the earth

  • Period: 54 BCE to 68 BCE


    He really hated christian's he blamed them for everything. There was a fire in Rome and he blamed the christian's. He even used christian's as human touches.
  • Period: 41 BCE to 54


    He was Caligula's uncle who bought the throne through nobles. Was a man without memory's. He was cruel to christian's. He put his wife to death and forgot the next day. Other people ran Rome.
  • Period: 37 BCE to 41


    His nick name was little boots because, copied the actions of soldiers. He was not able to sleep at night which caused him to drink to much. He wanted his picture in Jerusalem.
  • Period: 30 BCE to 36 BCE

    Death of Christ

  • Period: 14 BCE to 37 BCE


    He was a very cruel man. He punished people cruelly and unfair.
  • Period: 4 BCE to 6

    Birth of Christ

    Christ was born.
  • Period: 35 to 107

    Ignatius of Antioch

  • 37

    Christ's Ascension on Mount Olive.

  • 50

    Paul Missionary Journeys

  • Period: 81 to 96


  • Period: 98 to 117


  • 108


  • 144

    Marcion in Rome

  • 155

    Death of Polycarp

  • 177

    Persecutions in France – Blandina and Ponticus

  • 193

    Perpetua and Felicitas murdered in Carthage

  • 313

    Constantine decreed the Edict of Milan