Farid Meléndez O. 6°A. - Chronology of fashion in Colombia, 1950s to the present.

  • Fashion in Colombia, 1950s.

    Fashion in Colombia, 1950s.
    At this time the rotunda skirt with a wide belt appears, the casual is appreciated in solid tones and neutral with flower prints. Too the skirt booms pleated to the knee or a little higher, short-sleeved blouses and long-sleeved sweaters.
  • Fashion in Colombia, 1960s.

    Fashion in Colombia, 1960s.
    The dresses are beginning to be used shorter, hair above the shoulders or in a ponytail of horse. With the arrival of the pret-á- porter (ready take away) the Alta Sewing. It starts to be used
    the miniskirt with boots tall and short dresses painted flowers that
    they were used equally during the day than at night.
  • Fashion in Colombia, 1970s.

    Fashion in Colombia, 1970s.
    In this decade the bell boot jean together with the maxi skirt accompanied by platform shoes and Swedes. Make their appearance rough fabrics, nylon and other synthetic fibers.
  • Fashion in Colombia, 1980s.

    Fashion in Colombia, 1980s.
    At this time ostentation shines (manifestation of luxury or wealth), blouses are used with the big ones and shoulder pads, the skirts appear in lycra. He tailor is used as a symbol of might.
  • Fashion in Colombia 1990s.

    Fashion in Colombia 1990s.
    This fashion was not characterized by a specific style, each one wanted to mark their style with the shape To wear. It was based on variety and not on a specific fashion, they were casual designs that reflected comfort, at this time the shooting pants appear under and wearing tattoos and piercing.
  • Fashion in Colombia 2000s.

    Fashion in Colombia 2000s.
    Many fashion proposals appear, in what allows us to have a very
    of course, at this time we want to retake and recover the fashion of previous decades, there appears the suit unisex as one of the revolutions of the time.
  • Fashion in Colombia 2010s.

    Fashion in Colombia 2010s.
    The expanded use of sneakers and sportswear mixed with more sophisticated garments gave content to the now common style called athleisure. Another strong trend, at least in the second part of this decade, is that of ugly, or ugly fashion, well carried out by designer Demna Gvasalia both in his signature Vetements and in his designs for Balenciaga.
  • Fashion in Colombia 2020.

    Fashion in Colombia 2020.
    The 2020 decade began with the news of the confinement due to the Covid 19 disease, a hard blow for the fashion industry. However, trends of 20 years ago have been recycled incorporating the protection mask.