chopin frederic

  • birth

    Frederic Chopin was born the 1 of march of 1810, He was born on a farm in Żelazowa Wola in Poland.
  • chopin's characterictics

    chopin's characterictics
    was a Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, and music teacher, of French–Polish parentage. He was one of the great masters of Romantic music. He is also known as "the poet of the piano".
  • paris

    Chopin arrived in Paris in late September 1831, still uncertain whether he would settle there for good.In Paris, Chopin found artists and other distinguished company, as well as opportunities to exercise his talents and achieve celebrity, and before long he was earning a handsome income teaching piano to affluent students from all over Europe
  • chopin's friends

    chopin's friends
    he met a lot of composers in 1836 like Rossini and Bellini. Also in he met the writer George Sand, one of his great loves.
  • chopin's works

    chopin's works
    Chopin's works are exclusively for solo piano, the most notable exceptions being his two piano concertos. His compositions are technically demanding but emphasize nuance and expressive depth. Chopin invented the musical form known as the instrumental ballade and made major innovations to the piano sonata, mazurka, waltz, nocturne, polonaise, étude, impromptu and prélude.
  • chopin's family

    chopin's family
    Chopin's father played the flute and violin; his mother played the piano and gave lessons to boys in the elite boarding house that the Chopins maintained. As a result Frederic became conversant with music in its various forms at an early age.[
  • style

    Although Chopin lived in the 19th century, he was educated in the tradition of Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Clementi; he used Clementi's piano method with his own students. He was also influenced by Hummel's development of virtuoso, yet Mozartian, piano technique. Chopin cited Bach and Mozart as the two most important composers in shaping his musical outlook
  • chopin's illness

    chopin's illness
    Because they were so inconsistent, the relationship between Chopin and George Sand has had many interpretations.They separated in 1847. just when Chopin was severely affected by tuberculosis.
  • death

    Frédéric Chopin died in 17 of October of 1849 in Paris.