Chicago Mob

  • Lords of The Levee

    First gang of organized crime in Chicago.
  • Everleigh Club

    High class brothel in Chicago from February 1900 until October 1911.
  • “Big Jim” Colosimo

    Mafia crime boss before Johnny Torrio
  • Anthony Acardo

    Rose from small hoodlum to day-to-day boss
  • Dion O’Bannion

    Main rival of Al Capone and Johnny Torrio
  • Hymie Weiss

    Mob boss who was a rival of Al Capone
  • Al Cqpone

    American gangster who led prohibition
  • Joe Aiuppa

    Chicago mobster who became a leader of the Chicago Outfit
  • Bugs Moran

    Prohibition-era gangster, rival of Al Capone
  • Joseph Lombardo

    High ranking member of Chicago mob
  • Johnny Torrio

    Mobster who helped build the criminal empire
  • Frank Calabrese

    Made man who ran loansharking and illegal gambling
  • Sam Giancana

    Chicago mobster leader from 1957-1966
  • Tony Spilotro

    His job was to protect and oversee the Outfit's illegal casino profits