• 1100

    12th century:

    12th century:
    There are mentions of the game throughout the continent, the Vikings and the Crusades helped its expansion. It became so popular that prohibitions soon began to appear, considering it addictiveit was requested to play sometimes or always associating it with gambling.
  • 1300

    14th century

    14th century
    One of the most important treatises of this game is given, commissioned by Alfonso X "El sabio" (King of Castile).
  • 1400

    15th century

    15th century
    The counselor was exchanged for the female figure of the queen (the most powerful piece in the game) in Spain, in honor of Isabel la Católica.
  • Period: 1400 to 1500

    XV and XVI Centuries

    Some rules of the game and the shape of the pieces change to how we know them today, due to the Renaissance.
  • 1500

    6th century

    6th century
    In India the game "chaturanga" originates, whose name means "four divisions" in reference to the four pieces that symbolize the units of the Indian army (the infantry, the cavalry, the elephants and the chariots). The game was created as a result of a dispute for the throne of Hind (India) between the brothers Gav and Talhand: the latter had died in battle and his mother, disgusted, reproached Gav for having killed his brother. Later it expanded into the Persian empire.
  • Period: to

    7th and 8th century

    After the expansion of the orthodox caliphates (After the death of Muhammad), they had contact with the game when they invaded Persia and took it to all the lands they conquered, including Spain before being defeated by the grandfather of Carlo Magno in the battle of Poitiers. That was their gateway to Europe, the game spread very fast.
  • FIDE

    FIDE is founded in Paris, France on July 20.One of the most important chess organizations
  • Garri Kasparov youngest world champion.

    Garri Kasparov youngest world champion.
    Garri Kasparov is proclaimed world champion in 1985, being the youngest world champion in chess history at the age of 22.
  • Magnus Carlsen

    Magnus Carlsen
    Magnus Carlsen, is proclaimed world champion to date.
  • Period: to

    2021 FIDE World Championship

    FIDE 2021 world championship begins
  • Chess Now

    This last year, the world of chess has grown disproportionately, due to the pandemic and the intense interaction of celebrities with chess, organizing various tournaments such as the "Pogchamps", which is a tournament that brings together celebrities to play chess between them.