Cherub The Recruit

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  • Introduction

    Book Introduces us to James (main Character) and his sister lauren. James is a teenage boy growing up in a rough environment in the UK.
  • Period: to

    Cherub the Recruit

  • James' Mother Dies

    James' Mother Dies
    One night, James mother had been drunk (her boyfriend Robb had gotten her drunk) and had taken various pills. That next morning James awoke to find that his Mother had Overdosed and was dead.
  • James moves to a Foster home

    James moves to a Foster home
    Just days after James' Mother dies he is sent to a foster home. His sister lauren goes to live with Robb as he is her father but is not james'. Whilst james is there he meets a boy who he then befriends named Kyle.
  • James is brought into cherub

    James is brought into cherub
    James is brought in by the police for the second time. He gets knocked out but when he later wakes up he isnt in the Police lockup cell. He is at Cherub head quarters
  • James starts preparing for training

    James starts preparing for training
    James starts working (physically and mentally) very hard to get ready for basic training, He is not very fit which is why he starts working very hard.
  • Run in with the Police

    Run in with the Police
    James has a run in with the police after he befriends some bad kids in the neighbourhood. After he is invloved in a bad situation he is picked up by the police but is let off lightly
  • Basic Training starts

    Basic Training starts
    The first day of basic training starts but James wajes up late. As a result he gets to training late which then him and all the other students in his class have to pay for by doing punishments.
  • James goes to malaysia

    James goes to malaysia
    As part of his training james and his crew are sent to malaysia to complete numerous rigorous training courses. This really tests james both physically and mentally which is meant to prepare him for missions and everything he needs when he is ready
  • James goes on his First mission

    James goes on his First mission
    James' is sent first mission is to a spy at Fort Harmony. He is sent there to see see if he can find if anything that might be going on. Cherub sends james there as they believe that some of the people at Fort Harmony are planning to blow up a builiding where a petrocon meeting will be taking place.
  • James returns to cherub

    James returns to cherub
    James Finished his mission and then returns to CHERUB. He is praised for his great works and is rewarded by the authorities. He receives a Navy Cherub shirt which is quite a big deal to him and his peers.
  • Book ends

    Book ends
    The book Ends with James achieving quite highly after so little time at Cherub. It birefly explains what the next book will be about. One could say it could be 'Class A'