chasing lincolns killer jake hbighurst

  • exposition backround 1

    general robert lee starts civil war
  • exposition setting 2

    washigton d.c ford theater
  • exposition characters 3

    exposition characters 3
    john wilkes booth,abarham lincoln,lincolns wife and son
  • rising action 1

    general robert lee surrenders to the north
  • rising action 2

    booth hears lincoln will see a play at ford thester
  • rising action 3

    lincoln has a dream about his son
  • rising action 4

    booth makes aplay to kill lincoln
  • rising action 5

    booth makes aplan with a group
  • climax

    lincoln gets killed by booth
  • rising action 1

    booth gets chased into the south
  • falling action2

    while i n the south he found a barn
  • falling action 3

    he was chased by lincolns army
  • rising action 4

    the garrets help booth by letting him stay
  • resolution 1

    lincolns army finds booth and burns the barn