charlie sheen

  • first movie apperance

    at an age of 9 he was an extra in the movie execution of private slovik (in which his dad stared in) and this was the first step in the begining of sheens acting career
  • sheen gets his name changed

    Changed his name from carlos Estevez to Charlie sheen in his teenage years This gave him a better acting name
  • stars in platoon

    first staring roll in a movie and its also ne of his most famous movies he stars in this really puts his name out there
  • roll in spin city

    Replaces Michael J fox in his lead roll in spin city this Earned him several golden globe awards and Emmy nominations
  • stars in new show two and a half men

    Stars in a new comedy TV show Earned him several golden globe awards and Emmy nominations and gets him much good publicity because he was loved for the role he played and how well it fit him
  • arrest

    Arrested for confession of spending 50000 to purchase sexual services from 27 different prostitutes in a year and charged for the assault on gf Brittany Ashland this Gave him negative publicity and showed his not caring give 0 attitude
  • sheens rampage

    After being booted from 2 ½ men he binged on drugs and alcohol and made interviews where he was rambling about things saying he drank tiger blood and that duhh he’s winning. thisGave him a lot of publicity and made him look like a drugged out idiot
  • end of two and a half men

    Creator chuck lorre led warner bros to cancel show and the remaining 4 seasons and band sheen from the production lot this Sent sheen on a rampage
  • stars in anger managment

    Charlie stars in a new show called anger management His new start to give him better publicity
  • does ice bucket challenge

    Pour’s 10 thousand dollars over his head insted of a bucket of water and announces that hes donating it and ask the cast of two and a half men to do it to.Good publicity due to the beyond generous donation to the als charity.