Charles Dickens

  • Date of Birth

    Charles Dickens was born to John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens. They were irrisponsible spenders and they spent their days buying useless things that they would never need.
  • Beginning of Napoleons 100 days

    After Napoleons exile from the country of France, Napoleon would later return from the island of Elba to retain power for the French for 100 days before losing another battle and proceeding to get exiled again to an island in the middle of the Southwestern hemisphere.
  • Industrial Revolution Ends

    The most important revolution of all begins in Great Britain where the use of the steam engine revolutionizes the technology of the 19th century as well as technology today, comes to an end.
  • Mexico becomes Republic

    The people of Mexico were fed up with their ruler Iturbude's corrupt rule. They overthrew the emperor and exiled him thus resulting in Mexico becoming a republic in 1824.
  • Arrested/Jail Time

    Dickens was arrested and imprisoned for his family's debt. He had to spend approximately one year there, while pasting labels for a blacking warehouse.
  • Schooling

    After leaving prison, Charles was forced to go to school at Wellington House Academy. Charles Dickens was a brilliant student who excelled in multiple subjects. He would spend the next couple years being at the top of his classes and recieving rewards for his hard work.
  • Begins Work for Ellis and Blackmore legal firm

    This job that Charles had was he would go to court cases, and he would wait until the judge would call him in and then Charles would then proceed to write down every single word that was spoken in the courthouse. This was then later reviewed by the jury and the judge to prove whether or not the person is guilty.
  • First Work

    Although Charles Dickens has written many stories that people still read today, his very first story that he ever wrote was, A Dinner at Popular Work.
  • Love

    In 1834 Charles dickens met the woman he would soon marry. Charles Dickens and Catherine Hogart got married in 1836 and would be happily married until 1858.
  • Children

    in 1837 Charles would proceed to have his very first of 10 children. Charles' first child's name would be Charley.
  • Trip to America

    By the time in 1842 when Dickens arrived in the U.S on his first tour, he was considered what many consider as the first modern celebrity. His 76 readings in American earned him no less than $95,000, which would translate to over $1.5 in today's money.
  • First Battle Of Charleston Harbor

    During the American civil war, the first battle of Charleston harbor was the where the ships of Samuel Francis Du Pont attacked the Confederate defenses near the entrance to the Charleston Harbor.
  • Train Accident

    Dickens was involved in a train wreck and never fully recovered. He proceeded to travel and read until 1870. Since he never fully recovered from the accident, he was in a very weak and fragile state for the remainder of his life.
  • Prince Of Romania Dethroned

    Alexander Cuza was a prominent figure of the Revolution of Moldavia in 1848. He failed in his efforts to create an alliance of prosperous peasants and a strong liberal prince. His house was then broken in to, and he signed his abdication where he would later be safely transported across the border.
  • End of Red River Rebellion

    The red river rebellion was the events to the establishment of a provisional government in the "Red River Colony" which is now known as the Canadian province Manitoba.
  • Date of Death

    Whilst working on The Mystery Of Edwin Drood, he collapses at a dinner table and is dead on the spot. Later, they would reveal that the cause of his death was a stroke, ending the life of one of the most popular authors of his time.