Charles darwin

Charles Darwin

By Aharsh
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    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England and died 73 years later in Kent, England.
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    Charles Sojourn

    Charles embarked on a journey in 1831. After 5 years of research and collections he finally returned to England in 1836. Upon his return he shared his research with many other professions such as Paleontologists and Geologists.
  • Natural Selection

    After Charles returned home to England in 1836 he and other colleagues disseminated his research and all samples he collected while on his voyage. While on his voyage he visited many different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other remote islands in the area. One specifically famous was the Galapagos island. He observed different species of animals, plants, types of rocks, and fossils. He learned that plants and animals change over time, evolve. This is how Natural Selection came.
  • On the Origin of Species

    After extensive research and experience Charles Darwin published a book, On the Origin of Species. A book which I have actually read in my previous class (History of Science). This book explained how evolution works within animals and plants and how they adapt over time to overcome certain obstacles in their areas of life.