Charles Darwin- Birth date 12 Feb 1809/ Death 19 April 1882

  • HMS Beagle

    HMS Beagle
    December 27, 1831, The HMS Beagle launched its 5 year long voyage around the world with Darwin on board. During this trip Darwin would collect a variety of specimens, Including birds, plants and fossils. Darwin's hands on research and experimentation in the Galapagos gave him a unique opportunity to observe principles of botany, geology and zoology. later edited into the Zoology of the Voyage of Beagle. The trip would Inspire a revolutionary theory about the origin of living beings.
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  • Survival of the fittest- Darwin's Finches

    Survival of the fittest- Darwin's Finches
    The Galapagos' Islands are home to 13 different species of finches. The main difference between the species was size and shape of their beaks. The finches beaks were different because they lived in different Islands in different environments. The environment did not cause the differences in beaks, but the finches with beaks best suited for the islands local food supply would have an advantage. Therefore finches best suited for the food source would survive in greater numbers.
  • Darwin's three observations

    Darwin's three observations
    Three observations that allowed Darwin to develop his theory were:
    1.)" The individuals in a population display a variation in traits such as color, behavior, size and shaped due to genetic variation."
    2.)" Some of the traits passed down from parents to descendants and are heritable."
    3.) The parents in the population overproduce offspring so that some will not survive."
  • Darwin's three observations Continued

    Darwin's three observations Continued
    based on these three observations Darwin proposed that traits that made the individual fitter would be the individuals that survived, while the least fit would die off.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Darwin published his best known work , " On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection." First presented in 1858 at a biology conference of the Linnean Society in a joint paper that included contributions from Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Both presented the idea that Natural selection contributed to earth's evolution. "The Survival of Organisms most suited to their environment.
  • Citations Charles Darwin

    Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. London :John Murray, 1859.
  • Charles Darwins- Death

    Charles Darwins- Death
    Darwin died at his home at the age of 73 of a heart attack. He is later buried in Westminster Abbey.