Charles Darwin

  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin Starts his adventure

    at the age of 22, Chrles starts to ebark on a adevnture to map out the borders.
  • Darwins first obserations

  • Darwin crossed the Equator

  • Darwin Finds Salvador Brazil

    He has seen lushish vegitation and countless animals.
  • Punta Alta Argentina.

    Darwin finds intresting fossils and he says it must be a animal of great dimentions.
  • Cpt Robert FitzRoy takes 3 native people

    he goes and starts out to make a christianity mission but fails horrably
  • Darwin finds Falkland

    Darwin finds falkland but it is a barren wideswept islands. but has the perks of finding rocks and fossils.
  • Rio Negro, Argentina

    Darwin explores a fertile lowland areas known as pampas or gauchis. high enjoyment and independence of the gaucho life
  • Chiloe island, Chile

    sees a volcano erupt and also has an earthquake happen near by
  • Discovers new species

    Darwin discovers new species of plants, animals and vagitation on the Galapagos islands
  • Sidney australia

    wondering at the marsupials, darwin wonders why there is a different set of mammals in Australia.
  • Cocos Island

    Darwin discovers coral reefs growing arournd the island to test his theory of atoll formation
  • Mauritius

    a black feild covered in cooled lava wiht lushus wild life grwoing there
  • Bahia and Pernambuco South America

    Darwin discovers an amazing creature called the sloth. he is both sea sick and home sick.
  • Finally Home

    Darwin finally makes it home to england in the late night and carried 74 people