Charles Darwin

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  • Charles Darwin

    February 12, 1809 - April 19, 1882
    Born in Shrewsbury, England and died in Downe, England. Darwin's early years, he first studied marine creatures. He then became a naturalist who was mentored by John Stevens Henslow. Then he later moved on to other studies such as, geology and biology. Darwin was well known for his work on evolution.
  • On The Origin of Species

    In 1836, Darwin had many journals from his travels as well as thousands of specimens to describe and publish. he had worked on this of a long and in his early workings he began to theorize on species and how new ones might arise. It was not until 1854 until he truly worked full-time on his theory of species. However it did not come to light up until a man named Alfred Russell Wallace had a similar theory.
  • On The Origin of Species

    In 1859, Darwin had published his book On The Origin of Species and the book was full of evidence and calm argumentation. The claims attracted a lot of viewers and most of them were naturalist like himself. The book was pulled between positive viewers and those who think it is just utterly absurd. Although there were those that think Darwin had revolutionized science, like the botanist H.C. Watson. The claims he made are descent modification and natural selection.
  • Reference

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