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Charles Darwin 6/12/1809- 4/19/1882

By kcutler
  • The Galapagos Islands

    Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1835 not knowing the great things that would come from his time at each island. While on each island he collected birds, reptiles and plants to study (Charles Darwin Galapagos Exploration | Go Galapagos). While on the islands Darwin studied how animals adapted to being there and most mammals did not make it but, birds and reptiles seemed to survive (Charles Darwin Galapagos Exploration | Go Galapagos).
  • Darwin Publishes a Book of His Findings

    In the year 1859 Charles Darwin published his book called "The Origin of Species" where he wrote out and published his theory of natural selection for the first time (Ayala). In this book Darwin gave a scientific explanation of how organisms are created for the first time in history (Ayala). Before this time people were divided based on the Copernican Revolution. Below is a video summary to help explain what was in his book:
  • The Theory

    Darwin's Theory was that organisms are here to serve a purpose and that they will adapt and change to meet those needs (Ayala). Darwin used a natural explanation to explain how the organisms changed and evolved to meet the needs that they were put on earth for. Organisms would evolve and things they once had that were unnecessary would no longer exist (Ayala).
  • Darwin's Contribution to Philosophy of Science

    Charles Darwin's contribution to philosophy of science was so significant to how the world works. Darwin was the first to discover that organisms adapt to their environment. He was the first scientist to be able to give a natural explanation on why and how this occurs. Darwin's Theory of natual selection was so significant for the future of science to allow us to understand how organisms developed and got to the point of being able to survive and evolve.