Charles Darwin Timeline (1809-1882)

  • Birth

    Charles Robert Darwin born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.
  • Period: to


    Darwin is started in Unitarian Day School.
    Darwin attends Shrewsbury School as a boarder. Darwin claimed that the schools curriculum was "narrow and classical".
    Darwin was removed from Shrewsbury School, and sent to Edinburgh University to study medicine with his brother Erasmus.
    Darwin leaves Edinburgh without a degree against his fathers wishes, and attends Cambridge University for Clerical Studies.
    Darwin continues his education at Christs College.
  • Plinian Society

    Darwin enters into the Plinian Society of Edinburgh.
  • Setting Sail

    Darwin sets sail on HSM Beagle after graduating from Christs College, and ranking 10th out of 178 of his peers after the BA exam.
  • Homecoming

    Returning home to Cambridge from his exploration with HSM Beagle, only to move to London a year later.
  • Period: to

    Societal Initiation

    Darwin was elected to the Athendeum, Royal Society, and then to the council of the Royal Geographical Society.
  • Marriage

    Charles Darwin weds his first cousin, Emma Wedgewood. Leading to the birth of son William (1839-1914). Followed by the birth of his other 9 children, Anne (1841-1851), Mary (1842-1842), Henrietta (1843-1927), George (1845-1912), Elizabeth (1847-1926), Francis (1848-1925), Leonard (1850-1943), Horace (1851-1928), and Charles (1856-1858).
  • Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs

    His work on the Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs was published.
  • Period: to

    His Work

    In 1842, Darwin moves his family to the Downe property and began writing his sketch of evolutionary theory.
    Darwin finished this manuscript, and his novel describing some of his experiences while on Voyage with the HSM Beagle.
  • Stalked Barnacles

    During this time, Charles loses his eldest daughter, Anne. As well as the publication of his first two volumes on Stalked Barnacles which goes on to overhaul the entire subclass of fossil and living cirripedia.
  • Period: to

    Royal Society

    The Royal Society award Darwin with their Royal Medal for his work on barnacles. Charles is then elected to join the Royal Society's Philosophical Club and Linnean Society.
  • Period: to


    Alongside his publication of the Structure of Barnacles in 1851.
    Darwin writes 'Origin of Species', and publishes it straight to the public in 1859. Believing that the Earth was older than anyone imagined, he Introduced the theory of Natural Selection
    Publishes his work on 'The Variations of Animals and Plants Under Domestication' in 1868, followed by his publication in 'The Descent of Man' ('71), and 'Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals ('72).
  • Honorary Doctorate

    Cambridge bestows Darwin with Honorary Doctorate of Law.
  • Period: to


    At midnight on the 18th, Darwin was seized with sudden, violent pains. The next afternoon, around 4 o'clock, he died suddenly in the arms of his son.
    The news of Darwin's death was not announced to the public of London until the 21st.
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