Charles Darwin

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  • Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 and died April 19, 1882.
  • Scientist at sea

    Scientist at sea
    Charles Darwin at 22 years old went on a journey at sea. This journey he took became known as the Beagle Voyage. He spent about 5 years traveling throughout South America observing different species gathering information. He used the data he collected from the observations to formulate his theory of evolution.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    On November 22nd, 1859 Charles Darwin with the help of John Murray, published his famous book " the Origin of Species". Darwin's book popularized the idea that species evolve over time by a process of natural selection. He theorized the notion that species pass on necessary traits to maintain survival and conform to their environment.
  • The Present

    Charles Darwin's work has heavily influenced the current world in modern science. Darwin was brave in his era. He was not afraid to challenge the social and religiously accepted idea that species do not change or evolve over time. There was a popular belief before the Origin of species was published that species were created exactly the way they needed to be created by God. Now in modern time, Darwin's theory of evolution is widely accepted by the scientific community.