Carles darwin

Charles Darwin

  • Born

    Darwin’s full name is Charles Robert Darwin. Charles was born into a rich and well-connected family.
  • Period: to

    Grade school

    He studied in his early years at Shrewsbury School, his teacher was Dr. Samuel Butler
  • Death of Mother

    His mother died when he was eight years old.
  • Not well suited

    He went to Edinburg to study in the medical field, which he discovered was not well suited for him.
  • Period: to

    College of his choice

    Ended up at Christ’s College and earned his degree in 1831.
  • Period: to


    After getting his degree he went to study with Adam Sedwick. They ended up studying geology in northern Wales.
  • Period: to

    Voyage on the "beagle"

    Darwin studied for five years on the Beagle, finding many different sutdies of evolution and how it takes place. . After he visited the Cape de Verde and other islands, the expedition surveyed on the South American coasts and islands, afterwards visiting Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Keeling de Verdes and Azores on the way home. His work on the geology of the countries visited, and that on coral islands.
  • First Book Published

    After his return, as well as his Journal of a Naturalist, and his other contributions to the official narrative. His observations on the relation between animals in islands and those of the nearest continental areas, near akin but not the same, and between living animals and those most recently extinct and found fossil in the same country, here again related but not the same, led him even then to reflect deeply upon the modification of species.
  • Proposal of Marriage

    marriage proposal to his first cousin Emma Wedgewood
  • Marriage

    they were married.
  • Creation of a Theory

    . Darwin gave his observations and opinions on the theory of evolution.
  • Knighthood

    He was made a knight of the Prussian order, ‘Pour le Mérite,” in 1867
  • Royal Medal

    a Royal medal of the Royal Society
  • Wollaston Medal

    Wollaston medal of the Geological Society.
  • Period: to

    The Berlin Academy of Science

    a corresponding member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences in 1863, a fellow in 1878
  • LLD Degree

    His health prevented him from accepting the honorary degree which Oxford University wished to confer on him, but his own university had stronger claims, and he received its honorary LL.D. in 1877
  • Bressa Prize

    He received the Bressa prize of the Royal Academy of Turin and the Bely medal of the Royal College of Physicians in 1879
  • Death

  • the Church Apologizes

    Then, later on the Church of England wrote an official apology to Darwin for turning so many people against him for solely not understanding his logic. Though it will be hard to convince others that the Church was wrong, they wanted him to know they now understand what he was trying to say and that they are deeply sorry.