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Charles Darwin

By Treeme
  • Charles Darwin is born.

    Charles Darwin is born in Shrewsburry into a well of family.
  • His mother dies.

    Darwins mother dies when he is eight years old.
  • Goes to cambridge university.

    He goes to Cambridge univerisy.
  • Charles graduates from univeristy.

    Charles Darwin graduates at the age of 22 as a naturalist.
  • Period: to

    Charle's voyage.

    He visets the Cape Verede islands, the Galapagos, Australia, and the Cocas islands.
  • Charles decides to get married.

    Charles Darwin dicides to get married
  • Charles marries.

    Charles marries his coussan Emma after he gets into the royal instution. They have loads of kids but did imbreed.
  • Book about evoloution.

    Charles finished his 230 page book about evoloution but didn't publish as he was consorned about it would go down with strong relidgious vews.
  • Alfred Russel Wallace and the letter.

    Charles got a frightaning letter saying Wallace had come to the same conclusion as charles. The only thing was Charles had been working on his theory of evoloution for 20 years! After that fright he publishes very quickly indeed!
  • Charles Darwin dies,

    Charles Darwin cept working and writing books about evoloution by natural selection untill his death in 1882. He was burried next to the famous scientist, Sir Issac Newton. He was burried in Westminister Abby.