chapter 7 TED 200

By Kgomez
  • Mandate

    colonies mandate that parents teach children the principles of religion and the capital laws of the commonwealth (pg 219)
  • Old Deluder Satan Act

    Colonies of 50 or more families must hire a school teacher and colonies of 100 or more must appoint a latin teacher for preparation to Harvard College where they will be educated for the ministry (pg 219)
  • New England Primer of 1777

    Primer's of this period were intended to advance literacy in the context of moral and religious lessons (pg 220)
  • Northwest Ordinance

    required that communities set aside land for educational purposes (pg 222)
  • Troy Academy

    founded by Emma Willard - the curriculum was controvercial and included literature and rhetoric .was controvecial - it would expose women to "the squabbling of heathen gods and goddesses" and distract them from the attributes of one true god
  • Free Schools

    Northeast leads the way for establishment of common schools that are free and accessible to all children (pg 226)
  • School of Pedagogy

    Philadelphia created a "school of pedagogy" for men only and established a policy that limited teaching positions in the top two grades to men (pg 229)
  • Normal Schools

    Horace Mann promoted state funded post-secondary schools called Normal Schools named after Ecole Normale (pg 227)
  • Age by Grade

    Mann also promoted organization of children by age
  • Hartford Female Seminary

    Catharine Beecher founded the Hartford Female Seminary to advance the education of women (pg 229)
  • Women's Educational Association

    Catharine Beecher organized the "Women's Educational Association" (pg 229)
  • Education of the American Indian

    because education in local schools was not working to teach the American Indian the language, American Indian children were forcilby sent from home hundreds of miles from home to be taught the english way (pg 248)
  • Snyder Act of 1921 & Indian Reorganization Act of 1934

    The US Government supported the education and extended the initiative for an education that supported the culture of the American Indian. (pg 253)
  • President Lyndon Johnson's daughter denied readmission to Georgetown University after she took time off to get married

    (pg 245)
  • Title IX

    Congress passed Title IX of Elementary and Secondary Education allowing participation in any educational activity that receives federal financial assistance regardless of their sex. (pg