Chapter 7 important dates

  • Period: to

    The timespan of these events

  • English Bill of Rights

    Mason wrote this for Virginias constitution. This went further in protecting the rights of citizens.
  • Thomas Jefferson rides to attend congress

    Thomas Jefferson rode 300 miles from Virginia to attend the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
  • articles of confederation

    this was the first american constitution. But it created a loose alliance of the states.
  • Maryland ratifies the Articles of Confederation

    Maryland Ratifies the Articles cause they dont like them and eventually the new government went into effect.
  • United States win independance

    THe states had won its independenc but it did not solve confederation problems.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    More than a thousand farmers attacked court houses and prevented Government from taking farmland,
  • NorthWest Ordinance

    Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance. It set up government in NW territory and garanteed rights to settlers and outlawed slavery there.
  • Constitution is signed

    The Constitution is finally signed. It expressed the goals of farmers.
  • The states Ratify the Constitution

    One by one the states ratify the constitution. Pensilvania and New Jersey are one of the last to ratify.