Chapter 7

By TreyHeg
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    History Of Education in the U.S.

  • First Public and Longest Standing School In North America

    First Public and Longest Standing School In North America
    The Boston Latin School was founded in 1635 by the Town of Boston. The school focused on teaching young men of all social classes in the classics. The school was primarily funded by donations and land rentals.
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  • Earliest Continually Operated School for Girls Opens

    Ursuline Academy opened it's doors in 1727 by the Sister of the Order of Saint Ursula. This was the first school to teach women of color, slaves and free women, as well as Native Americans. Clark, Robenstine. "French Colonial Policy and the Education of Women and Minorities: Louisiana in the Early Eighteenth Century," History of Education Quarterly (1992) 32#2 pp. 193–211
  • Academy of Philadelphia

    The Academy of Philadelphia creates the first medical school in the colonies in 1765, making it the first university in North America.
    Jacob Ernest Cooke, ed. Encyclopedia of the North American colonies (3 vol 1992)
  • Webster Publishes 'The American Spelling Book'

    Webster Publishes 'The American Spelling Book'
    Otherwise known as "the Speller" was a groundbreaking textbook that separated the church from schooling. It also laid the groundwork for Webster's famous dictionary.
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  • The American School for the Deaf is Founded

    ASD was the first school for children with disabilities in the western hemisphere.
    Camp, Ted. "Deaf Timelines: History and Heritage",, Jan. 2011; Loth, Calder, ed. Virginia Landmarks Register, 4th edition, Univ. of Va. Press, 1999.
  • The English High School of Boston is Founded

    This was the first high school opened in the U.S.. It's main purpose was to prepare young men for further education. English High school Association, 1871 Semi-centennial Anniversary. May 2, 1871
  • Massachusetts Puts Into Effect the First Mandatory Attendance Law

    In 1852 Massachusetts enacts the first attendance law it wasn't until 1918 that all states had such laws.
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  • Kalamazoo Case Sets New Precedent in Michigan

    Kalamazoo Case Sets New Precedent in Michigan
    The michigan Supreme Court rules that its within the scope of the legislator to levy taxes for education. This case served as a landmark for education reform across the U.S.
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  • Carlisle Indian Industrial School is Founded

    Carlisle Indian Industrial School is Founded
    The United States Indian Industrial School is founded in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1879. Carlisle was one of the early federally funded off-reservation Indian boarding schools. It's founder is famous for the quote "Kill the Indian, save the man;"
  • The National Education Association Publishes their "Report on...Secondary School Studies"

    The NEA published the finding of their report that effected the organization of schools in the U.S. for years to come. National Education Association of the United States. Committee of Ten on Secondary School Studies. (1894) Report of the Committee of ten on secondary school studies: with the reports of the conferences arranged by the committee
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    The landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation laws were constitutional as long as they were "separate but equal".
    Groves, Harry E. (1951). "Separate but Equal—The Doctrine of Plessy v. Ferguson". Phylon. 12 (1): 66–72.
  • Cummings v, School Board of Richmond County, Georgia

    The 1899 decision decided that school boards were not required to provide public secondary education for POC. Mahon, J. Patrick (2020, December 11). Cumming v. Board of Education of Richmond County. Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • First Junior High is Founded

    Indianola Junior High School was founded on July 6, 1909 Link text
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas

    This 1954 Supreme Court case struck down the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling, stating that separating students by race was a violation of the 14th amendment.
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  • No Child Left Behind Act is Put Into Effect

    The No Child Left Behind Act was a landmark education law that supported standards based education reform to assure that all U.S. students were getting and equal education.
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