Chapter 6 SWK102


    Formation of Association of Training Schools for professional Social Work (later the American Association of Schools of Social Work)
    Formation of national Assciation of School Social Workers
  • AASSW Development

    AASSW development of educational requirments for its membership that quickly evolved into accreditation standards for MSW programs
  • Formation of NCSWE

    Formation of National Council on Social Worker Education (NCSWE) to coordinate AASSW and NASSA activities
    Formation of Association for Study of Community Organization
  • Formation of CSWE

    Formation of Council on Social Work Accreditation (CSWE) reflecting the merger of AASSW and NASSA
    Writing of the first CSWE Curriculum Policy Statement and Accreditation Standards
  • Code of Ethics

    NASW approval of "Code of Ethics"
  • Accreditation

    CSWE Accreditation of BSW programs

    Formation of Association for Advancement of Social Work with Groups
  • NASW

    NASW initiates Center for Social Policy and Practice to disseminate information about social welfare policy
  • Code of Ethics (2)

    NASW approval for revisions of "Code of Ethics"

    BSW curriculum prepares its graduates for generalistic practice through mastery of the core competencies