Chapter 4 Timeline

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    This war started in Europe in 1914. At the beginning of war the United States didn't want to get involved but after Germany started sinking passenger ships and try to provoke Mexico to fight with us we joined and fought for the Allies. The allies won and Germany lost. It ended in 1918.
  • America Enters World War 1

    America Enters World War 1
    America entered world war two at the end of the war. At the beginning most Americans didn't want to enter the war but they changed their minds after Germany shot down passenger ships and tried to provoke Mexico to fight them.
  • Race Riots in Omaha

    Race Riots in Omaha
    Will Brown got lynched in Omaha in 1919. People were mad that he took there job at the packing plant and that he was black so they lynched him.
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    The Great Depression

    This happened in the 1930s due to a stock market crash. Many people struggled finically and it was one of the hardest times for American people.
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    The Dust Bowl

    This happened in the 1930s due to poor farming, droughts, and lots of wind. The Dust Bowl made it very hard for people to live and many people left the midwest.
  • The First Session of the Unicameral

    The First Session of the Unicameral
    Nebraska is the only state to have a unicameral all the other states have a bicameral. Nebraska voted to have a unicameral because it is cheaper.
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    In this war the United States joined up with Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union to fight against Germany, Japan , and Italy. The United States declared war with Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor and we fought against Germany to stop them from executing the Jews. The United States and its allies won in 1945.
  • America entered World War 2

    America entered World War 2
    The United States entered WW2 in 1941 after the attack on pearl harbor.
  • GI Bill Passed

    GI Bill Passed
    This law gave veterans who served in the military free college after they served.
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    SAC is at Offutt Air Force Base

    The SAC a was moved to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska in order to keep it far away from the coasts in case there is an invasion. It held many atomic bombs and was a key component in the cold war.
  • The Vietnam War Starts

    The Vietnam War Starts
    America started this war to stop communism from spreading to other Asian countries and across the world. Many people didn't like this war and protested it.
  • UNL Students Protest Vietnam War

    UNL Students Protest Vietnam War
    The Vietnam war was one of least popular among the people of the United States. Many people protested it including UNL. One large protest at UNL was after the "cambodian incursion" in 1970.