Chapter 2:1-2 (Elizabeth Hansmann)

  • Jan 1, 1215

    King John signed the Magna Carla

    Translated into the Great Charter.
    Established the prinicple of limited-government.
  • Jamestown was settled

    Americans did whatever they wanted.
  • Jamestown was Founded

  • Virginia House of Burgesses established

    Passed laws aiding farmers and curbing idleness, improper dressing, and drunkeness.
  • Mayflower Compact was signed

    First example of of plans for self-government.
  • Charles I took the throne

  • King signed Petition of Rights

    Limited the king's power.
    Couldn't collect taxes without Parliment's consent.
  • Puritan immigrants settled

  • Colony adopted Great Fundamentals

    They realized a need for more comprehensive laws.
  • Puritins drew up Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

    First formal constitution.
    Layed out the plan for government that gave people the right to elect people.
  • James II removed from throne

  • Parliment passed English Bill of Rights

    Monarchs do not have a divine right to rule.
    They rule with the consent of the people's representatives.
    The king must have Parliment's consent to suspend laws, levy taxes, or maintain an army.
    People have right to fair and speedy trial.
    Peope should not be subject to cruel and unusual punishments.
  • Two Treatises on Government was written by Locke

    Called the textbook of the American Revolution.
  • French and Indian War began

  • Albany Plan of Union

  • Many other European countries became involved in the French and Indian War

  • George III became king

  • British policies spurred American sense of community

  • British Won War

  • French and Indian War Ended

  • Stamp Act Created

  • Stamp Act Congress met

  • Boston Tea Party

  • Committees of Correspondence Urged Resistance to the British

  • Delagates Met in Philidelphia

  • Lexington and Concord

  • America declared independance from Great Britian

  • Americans wanted to Declare Independance

  • Congress Approved Lee's Resolution

  • Congress Approved Final Draft of Declaration of Independance

  • 8 States Adopted the Constitution

  • Declaration Influenced the French Revolution