Cybersecurity Quizzes

  • 2021 BCE

    Chapter 1 - Cybersecurity - A World of Experts and Criminals

    -Hacker Characteristic
    -Identify the NIST/NICE Cybersecurity Speciality Area
    -Identify Cybersecurity Countermeasure used to Thwart Cyber criminal
  • 2021 BCE

    Chapter 2 - The Cybersecurity Cube

    -Principles of Cybersecurity
    -Identify the state of Data for a Given technology
    -Identify the ISO/IEC 27000 Domains and Controls
    -Identify the counter measure category
  • 2021 BCE

    Chapter 3 - Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks

    -Identify the type of malicious code
    -Identify the email and browser attack
    -Identify social engineering principles
    -Identify social engineering threats
  • 2021 BCE

    Chapter 4 - The Art of protecting Secrets.

    -Using Symmetrical Encryption
    -Using Asymmetrical Encryption
    -Identify using Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Encryption
    -Identify Access and Control Strategies
    -Identify Authentication method
  • 2021 BCE

    Comparison between Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms

  • 2021 BCE

    Caesar Cipher

    Advantage and disadvantage of Caesar Cipher
    How to improve Caesar Cipher
  • 2021 BCE

    Vigenère Analysis

    Advantage and disadvantage of Vigenère Analysis
  • MD5 Hash Generator

  • Packet Tracer - Creating a Cyber World