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changes in transport in the post world war 2 era until present

  • first australian cars

    first australian cars
    First time in australia cars are really being highly produced yet still very expensive only upper classes can afford them.
  • Where we are getting our cars

    Where we are getting our cars
    In Australia weare seeing over 50% of vehicles sold in the country are the generalmotors built holden with its biggest competitor ford motors
  • more affordable cars are realised

    more affordable cars are realised
    More and more cars are becoming available to the working class as there is many used cars at this time and new cars such as the ek , ej and eh holden's are being produced
  • Safety

    1966 the new holden hr is introduced to the public with a larger motor with the 8 cylinder motor and the first holden to come with seatbelts as standard. this would now be fitted to all the coming holdens
  • the hk

    the hk
    holden starts seeing the trends in its customers interests and the countries financial state and introduces the hk commodore built with a chevy v8 motor
  • new designs

    Holden starts basin there designs on overseas model cars and introduce springs on its new hq rather than continuing the use of leaf springs
  • holdens smaller cars

    holdens smaller cars
    throughout the 80's holden develops smaller engines and smaller cars such as its high selling rate gemini and its new dud camira
  • holden finds help with its design

    holden finds help with its design
    the holden vl commodore is produced with the the nissan rb30 motor seen in the skyline in 5 different engine set up's the sl a n/a base model , the executive n/a model , the berlina a luxury version of the executive , the calais with pop up eye lid lights and state of the art features like leather seats this came in a n/a and turbo motor or a 5l v8
  • where the australian market was moving

    where the australian market was moving
    After recovering from the 1980's fuel crisis in Australia holden recontinued its performance vehicles introducing a sub company named hsv " holden special vehicles" which introduced highly modified holden vehicles to the market for a few dollars over the standard holden cars. these included the clubsport , maloo and senator.
  • the transition stage

    the transition stage
    the new vy series and vx are a transition stage where holden has experimented with some new designed smaller engines in there commodores with new technology for less emissions and fuel economy with our soaring fuel prices
  • new technology

    new technology
    with our ever soaring fuel prices holden has now established many new green technologies in there modern engines including sidi that highers our fuel economy