Changes in Playground Safety

  • CPSC's first Handbook for Public Playground Safety

    CPSC's first Handbook for Public Playground Safety
    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued its first set of guidelines for making public playgrounds safer
  • Safe Surfacing

    Safe Surfacing
    the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) created a task group to develop a standard for playground surfacing
  • CPSC updated hand book

    CPSC updated hand book
    the CPSC issued a revised version of the Handbook, with critical changes from the 1981 edition
  • national action plan

    national action plan
    National Program for Playground Safety was created
  • michigan requirement

    michigan requirement
    all new playground equipment has to satisfy both CPSC and ASTM specifications
  • CFA

    CFA released the third edition of its “Report and Model Law on Public
    Play Equipment and Areas,” a blueprint for designing, building and maintaining public
    playgrounds. CFA’s blueprint details the hazards on playgrounds that lead to injuries and
    presents safety and design criteria that can reduce deaths and injuries.
  • Rhode Island requirement

    Rhode Island requirement
    all public school playground equipment and surfaces meet current CPSC safety guidelines by July 1, 2002
  • california law

    california law
    California Code of Regulation was filed
  • change in flooring

    change in flooring
    only 4.5% of playgrounds in the U.S. use cement, packed dirt, asphalt or other hard surfaces.
  • safety check

    safety check
    the State PIRGs and other CFA member organizations
    investigated 1,037 playgrounds in 36 states and Washington, D.C. to determine the current safety conditions of our
    public playgrounds.