Change in musical taste

Timeline created by SHoppe89
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  • Period: to

    80s & 90s

    mostly 80s and 90s music, e.g. eurobeat, techno, rap, hip hop, classics
  • Period: to


    mostly 2000s, e.g. hip hop, r&b, 80s, 90s
  • Guitar Achievement unlocked

    Guitar Achievement unlocked
    bought first guitar
  • Period: to

    mostly rock now^^

    everything that can be played on guitar
    rock, lovey dovey stuff, songs from the radio/charts
  • Asian music

    found J-rock, J-pop thanks to anime openings and endings
  • Classic

    classic can be cool too^^
  • K-Pop ftw

    thanks to youtube I found Blackpink, love them
    also still rock and everything