CG Timeline

Timeline created by laini_cg
  • Birth date

    The beginning of my journey.
  • Mom and daughter time

    Mom and daughter time
    Mother read "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to me when I was 4 years old.
  • McGruff the Crime Dog Audio

    McGruff the Crime Dog Audio
    Listened to audio books on McGruff the Crime Dog at the listening station when I was in Kindergarten.
  • Story time with McGruff the Crime Dog

    Story time with McGruff the Crime Dog
    Teacher would use McGruff the Crime Dog puppet to tell a story.
  • Highlights Magazine

    Highlights Magazine
    My aunt introduced me to Highlights Magazine at 6 years old.
  • Read to my mother and little sister

    Books assigned by teacher to take home and practice reading in 2nd grade.
  • BOOK IT! Reading Program

    BOOK IT! Reading Program
    Throughout elementary school I participated in the Pizza Hut's BOOK IT! Reading Program. The more books I read the more points I received towards earning a free personal pizza.
  • Poems and Rhymes

    Poems and Rhymes
    A Childcraft Encyclopedia book that I read for fun growing up.
  • Grandmother sharing scary stories

    Grandmother sharing scary stories
    When my siblings and I would misbehave my grandmother would share a scary story in Spanish called "La Llorona".
  • First library card

    First library card
    My mother took me to get my first library card at the Weslaco Public Library so I can check out books to read.
  • Stories on the Radio

    Stories on the Radio
    I remember listening to stories told on the radio while traveling on the road, especially around Holidays.
  • Stories and Fables

    Stories and Fables
    A Childcraft Encyclopedia book I read growing up throughout my childhood.
  • Heidi movie

    Heidi movie
    My mother and I checked out the movie Heidi at the public library because she enjoyed the book and wanted to share it with me. Found image at:
  • Great Grandmother's childhood stories

    Great Grandmother's childhood stories
    My great grandmother would share her families encounter with Pancho Villa with the family. Image from:
  • Reading time with kids

    Reading time with kids
    I will gather the kids up (my boys, nieces and nephew) and take them to a nearby bookstore to read, purchase books and get a drink.
  • Sharing my written stories and poems

    Now, I share my own written stories with my boys, nieces, nephew and their friends.