causes of the civil war notes

  • missouri compromise

    11 states permitted slavery and 11 did not. therefore, it was evenly balanced between slaves and free states. it was giving information about the die=fferences between the free states and the slave states.
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    causes of the civil war notes

  • wilmot proviso

    specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands that might be aquired from mexico. people tryed to stop slavery in many new states, including calafornia and new mexico.
  • compromise of 1850

    calafornia becamea free state. new mexico could be a free state as well.washington d.c would not allow trading or selling slaves.= another temporary solution.
  • uncle tom's cabin

    Harriet Beecher stowe wrote uncle tom's cabin which stunned, people with her description of slavery. inconclusion, it convinced people to work against stavery.
  • kansas nebraska act.

    during 1854 the dispute over slavery erupted again... ( in congress ). Stephen A Douglas, forged the compromise in 1850.
  • conflict in kansas

    only about 1,500 voter's lived in kansas at the time, 6,000 people cast ballot's in the election's.
  • drew scott case

    The constitution og the state of illinois, prohibit's slavery in that state, while ferderal law and the missouri prohibit's slavery. they were trying to make a good point.
  • lincoln's debate

    Stephan D. was against slavery but believed it should be up to each state. slavery was the main topic. two men were running for senate.
  • john brown's rade

    john brown raided and his goal was to harm slaves and hope to try to start a slave uprising. he was tryed and then hanged.
  • loncoln's election

    one section of the country thought slavery was right, while other's believed it was wrong. most people thought slavery was wrong so abraham lincoln faught for what was right!
  • south carolina secedes

    south carolina held a convention and voted to secede. they ended up starting there own country. nation's headed to war, as lincoln's goal is to preserve the union.